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Oranges instead of tomatoes!

Author: Data Wpisu: Monday January 1st, 2018

The summer tomato season is over. Orange rules on the Sicilian tables. Not only is it served as a dessert, but also as an ingredient of salads.
This recipe has only four ingredients, but the resulting taste is amazing. We dedicate this salad to all the fans of light, quick to prepare and, naturally, delicious dishes.


• two big oranges
• one fennel
• hot chilli pepper
• olive oil
• salt

Preparation method:
1. Wash the fennel carefully and cut it into thin stripes.
2. Peel the oranges, cut out their albedo and cut them into stripes, too.
3. Join it all on a flat plate or a platter, sprinkle with peperoncino and delicately pour some olive and add some salt to taste.


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